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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC Bags)

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC Bags) are made from graded polymers that are sourced from premier manufacturers. They are known for their strength and consistency. FIBC comes in a variety of styles, including U-panel, Circular, Baffle and UN bags. The bags are available in coated and uncoated fabric, and they utilize less shipping and storage space and have increased stability and stack ability. They are 100% recyclable and are environment friendly

These highly functional begs have the following advantages:
  • 100 % Recyclable
  • Savings to the user with elimination of landfill cost
  • Bags can be sold to reprocesses
  • Ecological advantages to the environment by recycling
  • No increase in cost to manufacture
  • Manufactured in compliance with the regulations
  • FIBC is certified as safe to use.
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) is safe to use and recyclable. Standard white colour bags can be availed various colours of sewing threads and loops. External three colour print design for 1-4 sides are also done. These bags are made up of in coated and uncoated fabrics, the details are as follows:
  • Uncoated - permeable to air fabric
  • Coated - non-permeable to air fabric. It protects the product against air humidity and external pollution and prevents the outflow of very fine materials.

These incredibly strong and durable FIBCs safely holds pounds of dry materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, stones, etc. They are extremely economical and easy to use.

Technical data,
  • Temperature Tolerance: 20 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius
  • UV stabilization: 150 Kly or according to EN 1898 norm.
  • Safety weight loading SWL: up to 2000 kg of material
  • Safety factor SF:
  • 5 : 1 single trip 6 : 1 multi trip (semi-reusable) 8 : 1 multi trip (reusable)

Certificates: All bulk containers are tested and certified by accredited test houses and certifying bodies such as Labour Data Testing Institute Germany, LNE France and SVTI-EGI in Switzerland.

Traceability: Each bulk container is supplied with a label which includes basic information of the product. This enables each container to be traced back to each individual production step.

  • Bases - Square or Rectangular.
  • Side lengths - from 50 to 120 cm.
  • Heights - 280 cm max., depending on the dimensions of the base.

Construct: Options with regards to filling, discharging, and lifting are available for these UV-treated FIBC. Both coated and uncoated fabrics and liner options are also available. These Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) can also be made sift-proof, using filler cord or felt. For different loads a variety of fabric weights and webbings is available and for specific requirements, special bags can be manufactured.

Bags From FIBC

Baffle Bags
Ideal for increased stack ability and cube, baffle bags retain their square shape even after filling, during transportation and in storage. Hence, an increase of 25% to 30% can be expected when compared to other bags of the category. All Baffle Containers are manufactured in compliance with one or more of the following criteria:
  • Department of Transportation
  • United Nations Certification
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
  • European Standards - FIBC
  • Institute of Packaging Professional Standards

UN Bags
These UN Bags are a special group of Bags used for transporting harmful materials. They have been designed in accordance with the “United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods” - generally known as the 'Orange Book' and are further tested according to regulations from the this book for road (ADR), railway (RID) and ship transport (IMDB - Code).
The UN Bags (FIBC) are designed for packaging groups II and III according to chapter 9 from 'Orange Book'. These bags are offered with flat, outlet or conical bottoms which make it much easier to empty materials that are usually difficult to pour. The working load SWL is 1000 – 1500 kg and safety factor SF 6:1.
The following types are offered:
  • 13 H1 - PP FIBC uncoated without liner
  • 13 H2 - PP FIBC coated without liner
  • 13 H3 - PP FIBC uncoated with liner
  • 13 H4 - PP FIBC coated with liner

LINER : FIBC liners are offered in quality fabrics, making them safe for health. The liners are customized according to the inner bag dimension and type, which makes filling and emptying of the product easier. Inner liners used in FIBC provide sufficient product protection in many ways, such as:
  • Protection against leaking of material through the bag sides or seams.
  • Protection against humidity and aggressive atmosphere - possibility of maintaining inert atmosphere inside the Bag during transport of the product.
  • Possibility of filling bags with products which are up to 80 degrees Celsius for standard PE liners.
  • Higher temperatures available for special liners.

Ways of placing the Liner into the bag:
  • Free inserted
  • Glued inside the bag
  • Sewn into the bag

Sling bag : Sling bags are manufactured from recyclable polypropylene and are environment friendly and safe for health as well. They have high storage and stackability. Maximum utilization of storage and shipping space is an added advantage of Sling Bags. Pockets in various sizes can be sewed or glued inside the sling bags to insert information concerning the product inside. These bags are available in various sizes and can also be manufactured according to the need of the client.
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

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